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Vermont State Police prepares troopers for marijuana legalization - Cannabis News

Like it or not, starting July 1st people in Vermont will be able to possess up to an ounce of marijuana.

Virginia receives 49 applications for the state's first 5 medical cannabis licenses - Cannabis News

Virginia has received 49 applications from medical-cannabis companies hoping to be among the first to set up shop in the state, giving officials plenty of options as they prepare to hand out five licenses this summer.

Is Texas ready to decriminalize marijuana? The answer might be found at the Republican convention - Cannabis News

For the first time, the party has allowed advocates in favor of decriminalizing marijuana possession to have a booth in the convention hall.

Medical marijuana passes by a landslide in South Carolina Democratic primary - Cannabis News

South Carolina Democrats gave medical marijuana a landslide victory Tuesday, with 82 percent declaring in an advisory vote that doctors should be allowed to prescribe the drug.

New York lawmakers explore allowing medical marijuana for opioid addiction treatment - Cannabis News

The NY state Assembly voted "yes" to a bill that would allow people who have been diagnosed with opioid addiction to use medical marijuana. Supporters say medical marijuana can help with withdrawal and make it easier for people to stop using opioids.

Here's Everything You Need to Know About Massachusetts' New Marijuana Laws - Cannabis News

Massachusetts is set to launch recreational marijuana sales next month, which certainly has cannabis fans excited seeing as they're the first state to allow sales east of the Mississippi River.

Michigan voters will decide marijuana legalization after Legislature fails to act - Cannabis News

The Michigan Legislature on Tuesday decided to punt the issue of legalizing marijuana for recreational use to voters to decide in the November election.

Ohio to announce sites for medical marijuana dispensaries - Cannabis News

Ohio officials are ready to announce where the state's 56 medical marijuana dispensaries will be located.

It's not weed; it's industrial hemp. Can it make a comeback in Iowa? - Cannabis News

The momentum for legalizing industrial hemp in America is building. Iowa supporters of the once-prevalent crop, though, have moved on from being eager about its possibilities to anxious to get growing.