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Wyoming Governor Candidates Talk Marijuana - Cannabis News

With the primary election just one week away, candidates discussed marijuana - legalizing it, decriminalizing it, medical use, taxes, and more.

North Dakota to vote on recreational marijuana in November - Cannabis News

North Dakotans will vote this November on a ballot measure to legalize recreational marijuana, state officials announced Monday.

Michigan approves medical marijuana testing labs - Cannabis News

The Michigan Medical Marijuana Licensing Board approved licenses for two testing facilities on Thursday, putting the last piece into the puzzle that will unlock the medical pot market in the state.

Washington State Prepares To Rewrite Marijuana Testing And Packaging Rules - Cannabis News

Marijuana regulators in Washington State will entertain sweeping changes to how marijuana is tested, processed, packaged and sold in one of the U.S.’s oldest recreational marijuana markets, officials announced late Wednesday.

After visiting Colorado, Indiana lawmaker says medical marijuana is right for Indiana - Cannabis News

He said of his trip to Colorado, "it removed all doubt in my mind that this is the right thing to do for Indiana," saying it would "save lives."

Ohio Is Having Trouble Finding Producers for Cannabis Edibles Market - Cannabis News

It appears Ohio is having some difficulty scrounging up enough reputable cannabis companies to produce a variety of pot products for the state’s medical marijuana program.

As first crop of South Carolina hemp nears harvest, scores of farmers line up for scarce permits - Cannabis News

“Hemp appears to have very good potential. The oil and fiber possibilities long term are intriguing. We want South Carolina to be in the mix."

'Historic' day for medical marijuana in Pennsylvania as 'flower' goes on sale - Cannabis News

“Dry leaf” marijuana went on sale Wednesday morning at 16 dispensaries across the state. Additional dispensaries will begin stocking it over the next week.

Manhattan DA announces end of 'needless criminalization of pot smoking' - Cannabis News

Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance on Tuesday unveiled a new policy ending almost all prosecution of marijuana possession and smoking.