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Lawmakers are proposing to legalize recreational marijuana in Illinois but say the legislation probably won't come up for a vote until next year.

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Across the country, advocates are hailing industrial hemp as a miracle crop. Some Floridians even think the plant could surpass oranges as an agricultural powerhouse. But lawmakers in the capitol are urging caution.

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The Medical Cannabis Act has made its way past the first hurdle of many on the road to becoming law in Nebraska.

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"It can be a billion-dollar crop if we wanted it to be," said Geoff Whaling, president of the Pennsylvania Hemp Industrial Council.

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It has been nearly a year since the state granted eight medical marijuana dispensary licenses, but it wasn't until last month that several licensees started pot production.

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Hearings on Massachusetts' recreational marijuana begin in the Statehouse in Boston Monday, where lawmakers will mull potential changes to the voter-approved legislation legalizing marijuana use among adults and paving the way for commercial sale of the drug.

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Legislation is advancing in the Arkansas House of Representatives that would legalize the cultivation of industrial hemp in the state.

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New York

ALBANY -- Chronic pain sufferers will now be able to get medical marijuana prescribed to them in New York.

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Lawmakers appear to have reached a compromise Thursday that would expand Georgia’s medical marijuana law.

2016 Election

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Donald Trump

Cannabis industry thought leaders share some thoughts on how the Trump administration may affect them.

The country as a whole might be in trouble – but it looks like marijuana measures are probably safe.

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Donald Trump

Will Donald Trump turn over a new leaf for the cannabis industry?

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The Presidential Race

Both candidates have expressed support for medical marijuana, and have encouraged the federal government to allow more states to vote on legalizing marijuana.

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Hillary Clinton

If Hillary Clinton can consolidate the support of young left-wing voters — and motivate them to turn out on Election Day — she will win the White House. And there’s no better cure for millennial apathy than legal marijuana.

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The Presidential Race

Why not ask Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump some pointed questions about legalizing marijuana?

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The Presidential Race

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump will have their first of three debates on Monday.

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Hillary Clinton

Clinton's stance on marijuana came up in the primaries.

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Hillary Clinton

Marijuana is on the ballot in nine states this year—five voting on legalization and four voting on medical marijuana—and Democrats hope the measures will be a draw for liberal voters.